10 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know Posted on March 18, 2014

What They Want You To Know

Here at Cranberry Endodontics we see patients on a daily basis who are looking for advice on taking better care of their dental health. Our dental center, based out of Cranberry Township, PA is a full service office designed to meet all of your dental needs with state of the art dental care. We are always happy to share our tips to help you have the best dental health possible. Here are the 10 things that your dentist wants you to know:

1. Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health
It is a fact that the state of your dental health is an indicator of your overall health status. Healthy teeth and gums are directly linked to having a healthy cardiovascular system.

2. We Understand Your Apprehension
At Cranberry Endodontics we understand your fear of the dentist and it is our goal to help you feel comfortable and relaxed at every stage of your dental care. Our friendly office prides itself on providing the best dental care in the most comfortable environment possible.

3. Dental X-Rays are Safe
Digital x-rays produce an incredibly low dose of radiation and are perfectly safe and should be a part of your routine dental care. The risk of forgoing x-rays is greater than skipping them completely.

4. Chewing Gum Can Prevent Cavities
Chewing gum with xylitol has been proven to prevent cavities. Chew a piece after every meal and occasionally between meals as well for optimal protection.

5. Bleeding Gums Can Be a Sign of Trouble
At the first sight of bleeding gums, a call to the dental center should be made. Gum disease is a serious condition and bleeding gums are often the first symptom.

6. Regular Dental Care Will Keep Your Whole Mouth Healthy
Regular cleanings and check ups at the dental center will ensure that your mouth is healthy and there are no problems brewing.

7. Stay Away From Soft Drinks
The ingredients in soft drinks work together to erode tooth enamel and weaken teeth. It is best to avoid soda, but if you must drink one, rinse and brush shortly after consuming.

8. Floss Every Single Day
It is important to floss at least once every day to remove food particles and plaque build up between teeth.

9. Teach Children Proper Brushing Technique
When children learn to brush properly at a young age, their teeth are healthier for it. The staff at Cranberry Endodontics is happy to give brushing demonstrations.

10. Eat a Healthy Diet
Eating a healthy diet rich in whole grains and fiber-filled fruits and vegetables will keep teeth healthy and strong.

Our state of the art dental center is available to meet all of your dental needs. Call Cranberry Endodontics at (724) 452-7080 today to schedule an appointment.