5 Foods to Watch Out For Posted on April 10, 2019

Tips to avoid a cracked tooth.

A cracked tooth can be very painful. Your tooth’s enamel is the hardest substance in your body, yet all it takes is biting down on the wrong food for one to chip or crack. You are especially susceptible to further enamel damage if you’ve already suffered from cavities or tooth trauma that resulted in a filling or restorative dentistry.

Dr. Semashko of Endodontics in Cranberry is all too familiar with cracked Bad food for teethteeth. After all he’s been treating patients with cracked teeth in the Cranberry area for more than 20 years! This month, he’s sharing five foods to be aware of so you can prevent injury to your pearly whites.

Hard Candy

Surprise, surprise, right? Probably not, but it’s not due to the obvious high sugar content, it’s because of its physical qualities. Jawbreakers, jolly ranchers and other items like rock candy, lollipops and hard caramels are meant to be enjoyed by allowing them to soften over time, in your mouth. However, it’s very common to want to chomp down on them – especially if they have a gooey center. Even softer candies like Starbust, Airheads, taffies and jelly beans can wreck-havoc on your teeth by dislodging a cavity filling. Totally avoiding candy may seem unrealistic for some, so eat it sparingly and don’t chew hard candy or you may be in for a painful surprise, not a fruity center!

Olives with Pits

While many jarred and canned versions of olives are sold without pits, the finer, more authentic olives purchased from a deli or nice restaurant may still come with them. Even when olives say they’re pitted, there’s always that one that was missed during the pitting process. Be conscious when eating this oval fruit, as they’re a common offender of cracked teeth.


While we’re on the topic of decadent foods, artisan breads are often enjoyed with fine dipping oils or as the bookends to a top-notch sandwich. Crusty breads like sourdough, country loaf, French baguettes and Italian bread are all delizioso! They are also known to crack a tooth here and there. We know these handcrafted baked goods are mouthwatering, but take your time or opt for softer breads if you’re worried about cracking your teeth. This goes for biscotti too!

This light, airy snack can be a healthy alternative to other types of guilty pleasures – unless of course its topped with a cup of movie theater butter. (It’s OK, we’ve all done it!) That said, as you enjoy this tasty treat watch out for those corn kernels as it’s a common reason we see patients with cracked teeth.


While not a food, it’s very common to chew on ice when drinking water, soft-drinks or other beverages. Chewing on ice can break a tooth in an instant so be aware when your beverages are filled with ice cubes.

Living with a cracked tooth in Cranberry? Suffering from tooth trauma in Pittsburgh? Need a root canal in the Butler area? Call or visit Dr. Semashko at Endodontics in Cranberry and we can help resolve your cracked teeth, root canal and other painful oral issues in no time!