Common Foods that Can Cause Dental Emergencies Posted on February 26, 2020

Many dental emergencies are caused by common foods such as almonds or popcorn. When you bite into foods that are too hard, it can lead to a cracked tooth, broken dental crown, or a loss of a filling that may result in you needing a root canal. Cranberry area patients can rely on Dr. Semashko and his expert team for high-quality and compassionate dental care.

At Endodontics in Cranberry, we’ve put together a list of foods you should avoid eating or be extra cautious eating. These foods include:

Caramel Candies

Glass Jar of Caramel This type of candy is a favorite of many, and although it may seem harmless, it can cause issues with your teeth. When you bite down on a caramel candy, the caramel gets wedged in between your teeth and can pull out any look dental work or restorations you’ve had. Other sticky candies such as taffy or starburst should also be avoided to help prevent dental emergencies.

Ice Cubes

On a hot day, many people like to chew on ice cubes as a refreshing treat. Before you decide to chew on an ice cube, consider that it is very similar to chewing on a rock. Ice cubes can be hard on your enamel and can easily break or crack your teeth. Although chewing on ice can tempting, it is crucial to break this habit and avoiding chewing ice cubes.


Almonds are a tasty and nutritious snack, but what you may not know is that almonds can also be detrimental to our teeth. The hardness of almonds can lead to fractures, chips, and cracks in teeth. To avoid this, try eating almonds that have been slivered or sliced, avoiding whole almonds. The sliced and slivered almonds are softer and easier to chew.


This another tasty snack that many of us enjoy while watching a movie. Unfortunately, popcorn also poses a danger to your teeth. When you are chewing popcorn, the husks of the corn can get caught underneath your gums or in between your teeth, causing an abscess. You may also end up chomping down on a kernel, causing you to crack your tooth. When eating popcorn, be sure to chew slowly and avoid kernels. You should also flood after eating popcorn to avoid an abscess.

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