Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal? Posted on August 1, 2019

A root canal is an essential procedure required for saving your natural tooth. After your root canal, you will also need a second procedure to ensure the root canal is successful. Dr. Semashko, who provides pain-free root canals to Pittsburgh patients, will typically recommend having a crown placed on the tooth with the root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that replaces the nerve pulp in your tooth with a biocompatible material. Gutta-percha or other biocompatible materials are used to replace the pulp and save your tooth. Although this material helps to protect your tooth, it will also make your tooth more brittle. This can lead to your tooth becoming more likely to chip or crack, which is where a crown comes in.

Why Do I Need a Crown?Crown Fillings Pittsburgh

A crown can help to protect and strengthen your natural tooth to prevent cracking and chipping. If you had breakage or an infection that led to a root canal, your tooth may be permanently weakened and may have already suffered structural damage. With a crown, your entire tooth will be covered above your root line, protecting your natural tooth.

Crowns can also prevent coronal leakage. This is where contaminates from your mouth leak into your tooth’s dental restoration. If a filling that seals in the tooth root material begins to leak, this can lead to an infection getting in. An infection will destroy the root canal, but with a crown, you can seal the root canal and protect it from this type of damage.

Pain-Free Root Canal Services in Pittsburgh

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