Does Endodontic Therapy Hurt? Posted on July 23, 2018

Usually, when someone mentions that they have to get a root canal, they’ll receive a lot of sympathies and a few, “Ooh, that hurts!” Those are likely people who haven’t had a root canal recently. The truth is, you can have a pain-free root canal in Cranberry using an experienced endodontist, state of the art equipment, and a fast procedure.

Root Canals Are Now Nearly Pain-Free

In the past 30 years, root canals have become quicker, involve much less discomfort, and now can last for decades. Endodontists, who are dentists who have undergone additional training for the pulp of the teeth, now perform root canals for patients that have become much more comfortable.

If your tooth is cracked, you’re experiencing pain when you drink hot or cold drinks or food, or you’re experiencing pain when you bite down, you should have your tooth evaluated for a root canal.

Although root canals take a little longer than it takes to have a cavity filled, they both involve almost no pain.

There are several reasons for that:

Root Canal Cranberry·        State of the art equipment. First, your endodontist will use digital X-rays, which allow them to see the tooth roots at a very high magnification. Then, the drills that they use are usually electric handpieces, which are more precise and much less noisy than the drills you were probably familiar with growing up. Additionally, surgical operating microscopes also provide a level of magnification that makes the procedure easier to perform.

·        A Fast, Effective Process. The endodontist will test your tooth by applying cold, heat, and pressure. They will also x-ray the tooth if one hasn’t been taken. After that, they can begin the process, which may only take an hour or so.

·        Proper Medication. The anesthesia injections are quick and will soon numb the area, allowing the endodontist to begin.

Following the Root Canal

After the process is done and sensation comes back, your gums will likely be sore for a few days, and some over-the-counter medication will help. You should also eat only soft foods until the soreness has gone. Then, call your general dentist to set up an appointment to receive a crown.

Experienced Endodontic Care in Cranberry

Call Dr. Semashko at Endodontics in Cranberry today for a pain-free root canal. His staff always makes sure that you’re comfortable and that the procedure is done properly.