Endodontic Care Advancements: 3D Imaging Posted on May 30, 2017

The field of endodontics has greatly advanced with new techniques, materials, and equipment, especially within the past 15 years. Root canal treatment has become a pain-free, quick, and long-lasting treatment that allows patients to keep their teeth and enjoy a healthy smile. Patients searching for endodontists in Cranberry can be assured that Dr. Semashko offers compassionate, knowledgeable care.

3D Imaging is a Game Changer

The 3-D CBCT digital imaging system is a tremendous improvement over 2-D imaging. The human body is three dimensional, of course, but traditional X-ray imaging systems take two-dimensional pictures. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (we call it CBCT) operates in a similar fashion as other 3-D imaging systems, like CAT scans. The computer captures hundreds of images of your mouth from various angles, then creates a full picture.

3d dental imagine

  • One scan captures an entire area, which means that patients are exposed to a very minimal amount of radiation.
  • The system shows a clear difference between the different components of the head and mouth region, and depth information is precise.
  • Different angles of the patient’s mouth, teeth, airways, and sinuses can be easily seen, giving a complete view.
  • A tooth’s roots, which can be tiny, can be highlighted and assessed.
  • The endodontist can create a superior, detailed, and accurate treatment plan.
  • The endodontist can detect issues that were previously different to diagnose.

What Does This Mean for the Patient?                         

This system creates a better experience for patients who are undergoing a root canal, root canal re-treatment, or surgery such as an apicoectomy.

  • A Faster Experience. The features of the 3-D CBCT digital imaging system allow your endodontist to quickly take all of the images needed at the beginning of the procedure, and to see the images immediately.
  • More Precise Care. This imaging system results in better care for endodontic patients. It allows the endodontist to see an exact representation of your mouth, which includes the bone, teeth, gums, roots, and soft tissue. For patients, this means that you’ll have your endodontic issues diagnosed and treated quickly, which is especially important if you have experienced dental trauma and have been experiencing pain.

Endodontics in Cranberry uses CBCT 3D X-Ray to ensure that all of our patients can feel confident in the high quality of their endodontic care. Dr. Semashko treats patients throughout the Pittsburgh region, and provides comfortable care with state-of-the-art equipment. Call or contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.