Endodontics in Cranberry Is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau Posted on October 11, 2014

Better Business Bureau

Endodontics in Cranberry has been named an accredited Better Business Bureau company for 2014 by the BBB of Pittsburgh.

Better Business Bureau

What is an Accredited BBB listing?

To be awarded as an accredited BBB listing, your business must show that you’ve met all of the accreditation standards. They include:

  1. Building Trust. A company must agree to support ethical principles, have at least a B rating (Endodontics in Cranberry and Dr. Semashko boast an A+ BBB rating), and must agree to honor any settlement that is reached through a BBB dispute resolution process.
  2. Advertise in an Honest Manner. There is a code of advertising, established by the BBB, that each accredited business must follow. You must agree to truthfully advertise your business and avoid making a false impression about product quality, endorsements, and popularity.
  3. Telling the Truth. This one seems to be an obvious standard, but the BBB has strict guidelines about how you promote your products and services.
  4. Clear Disclosure. This means that you also disclose your guarantees, restrictions, refund policy, and total cost of your products or services.
  5. Respond to all Complaints. If the BBB brings a complaint forward, you must agree to respond promptly to it and agree to address any issues brought forward.
  6. Provide Your Service with Integrity. Everything a BBB accredited business does must be held to the highest standards.

The BBB does NOT assess a business’s products or services. The BBB allows customers and clients to leave a review after services are performed.

Dr. Semashko’s A+ rating means that no complaints have been filed against Endodontics in Cranberry, there have been no billing or advertising issues, and there are no problems with the services that he provides.

If you have any questions for Dr. Semashko about your personalized service, your billing, or any type of endodontic treatment, be sure to contact him today. He or his staff will be happy to speak with you.