How Are Damaged Teeth Repaired? Posted on March 15, 2018

Teeth are made of enamel, a very hard substance which protects the teeth from decay and trauma. However, sometimes, a tooth will chip or crack. This can be caused by any number of issues: a car accident, a sports injury, or a mishap on a bike. As we grow older, the structure of the teeth can weaken from decades of use, so sometimes your tooth can crack just from biting down on something hard.

If you experience a cracked tooth and are looking for tooth repair in Pittsburgh, we can walk you through the steps, and then let you know what you should do to ensure that you’re taking proper care of your teeth now and trying to prevent more damage in the future.

What Happens When You Get a Cracked Tooth?

  • Filling. Sometimes, the chip is very small and doesn’t come near the pulp of Cracked Tooth Treatmentthe tooth. If that is the case, then a small filling can be placed in the tooth. If you experience a chip on the front of a tooth that people can easily see when you talk or smile, then the tooth can be bonded, bringing it back to its original look.
  • Veneer. Some people with chipped front teeth may opt for a treatment called veneer, which is a very thin, very strong material that completely covers the front of the tooth. One of the benefits of a veneer is that your tooth will look completely normal.
  • Root canal. Often, a tooth that is cracked or chipped will require a root canal procedure. Many years ago, a painful cracked tooth would be pulled. Now, many times, a root canal can be performed on a cracked tooth. This treatment saves the tooth, making an extraction and bridge unnecessary. When you experience a cracked tooth that enters the root canal, the part of the tooth that holds the pulp and other tissue, it can be very painful. Also, the bacteria in your mouth can now enter into the canal, infecting the area. The best course of action is to have a root canal.


A root canal carefully and completely removes the pulp of your tooth, ensuring no infection remains and replaces it with a material called gutta percha. Next, you will need to see your regular dentist to get a crown placed on the tooth. Once this is done, your tooth will look exactly like it used to, and you can bite and chew food like you normally would. Although the part that you and others see is the crown, your tooth’s underlying structure remains, which helps the other teeth in your mouth remain in place.

If experience cracked teeth, a Pittsburgh endodontist can help you as soon as possible. Call Endodontics in Cranberry to make an appointment with Dr. Semashko. He and his staff will make you feel comfortable, and you will get effective tooth repair by a Pittsburgh endodontic specialist. Advancements in root canal treatment have made this procedure pain free, so there’s no reason to wait. Call us today at 724-452-7080.