How Root Canals Relieve Your Pain Posted on September 10, 2019

Dental pain is one of the most unbearable pains experienced by many of our patients. If you’ve ever had an abscessed or infected tooth, you know that this is true. This is the type of pain that can affect your sleeping patterns and daily activities.

Tooth Pain PittsburghWhen it comes to intense tooth pain, in many cases, the only solution is a root canal. There is a misconception that root canals can be painful, but Pittsburgh area patients can rest assured knowing that the pain is typically caused by trauma to or an infection in the nerve of the tooth. A root canal works to remove the infection or injury and relieve the pain.

What is a Root Canal?

There is a chamber inside of your tooth that houses your tooth’s nerves and the root of your tooth. If this area becomes injured or infected, you can experience excruciating pain. A root canal procedure will begin with your endodontist making a small hole in the top of your tooth so they can get to the infected or injured pulp of your tooth. From this small hole, they will remove the infected or diseased tissue from the inside of your tooth.

After they remove the infection, they will then seal your tooth with a temporary filling to give your tooth a chance to heal. If you had an infection, you might also be recommended antibiotics after the procedure to continue fighting it.

How to Avoid Dental Infections

Although a root canal is a fairly common and pain-free procedure, it is still essential to take the proper measures to avoid root canal therapy. Be sure to follow a good oral hygiene routine daily and make consistent visits to your dentist for a check-up at least every six months.

If you’ve noticed symptoms of a toothache, be sure to contact our Endodontics team in Pittsburgh to schedule an appointment to clean out the infection and relieve your pain. A dental infection will not go away on its own, so contact Endodontics in Cranberry to learn more about how root canal therapy can relieve your pain!