How to Keep Your Teeth Strong Posted on August 6, 2016

Keeping Your Teeth Strong

Maintaining healthy teeth means that your bone health will stay strong for many years. You only have one set of adult teeth that will be with you for the rest of your life, so it’s important that you continue with a regular routine of preventative care, regular dental visits, and limiting sugary foods.

Strong Bones Mean a Healthy Smile

Strong Teeth

  • Take Enough Calcium. It is very important, especially for women who have a slight build, and those who have a history of osteoporosis in their family, to ingest enough calcium (based on age and situation) and Vitamin D. This will discourage osteoporosis, which is a disease that causes bones to become weak, fragile, and easily broken. Although it’s seen as a condition that leads to fractured hips, arms, and legs, it also affects the teeth. You should eat foods that are a good source of calcium, like milk and cheese, and take supplements if necessary.
  • Reduce Sugary Foods and Drinks in Your Diet. Soft drinks and foods like candy and sweets contain sugar, which helps plaque to form. If you do eat or drink a sugary meal, be sure to brush and floss after.
  • See Your Dentist Twice a Year. Visit your dentist every six month for preventative care, including cleanings and X-rays. Your dentist will look for problems, such as cavities, and help you come up with a solution so that your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout your life.
  • Brush Your Teeth Regularly. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, followed by flossing. Brushing and flossing removes particles of food that form plaque and could eventually turn into tartar. When tartar forms, it can cause mild gum disease, and could eventually lead to periodontitis, a serious condition that can attack gums and bone in the mouth.

Even when following all of these suggestions, many people find that they require some specialized care. Endodontics in Cranberry performs roots canals and root canal retreatments, helps people who have experienced tooth traumas, and performs endodontic surgery. Call today to make an appointment.