New Technologies in Root Canal Procedures Posted on January 23, 2017

New Technologies in Root Canal Procedures

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Root canals today are much different than they were 30 or 40 years ago. This procedure used to take quite a bit of time to complete, and people were often uncomfortable.

Today, root canals and our patients benefit from advanced equipment, new techniques, and top-notch materials. Most procedures are quick—just an hour or so—and patients don’t feel anything, thanks to modern anesthesia techniques.

Endodontists in Cranberry Pain-Free Root Canals

Here’s a review of some of the equipment, materials, and techniques that your Cranberry endodontist uses to ensure their patients have a comfortable experience during a root canal procedure.


The anesthesia that is used during a root canal is, for many patients, the most important part of the procedure. Once this medication has been delivered, you won’t feel a thing, and you’ll be able to relax. Once the root canal is over, the anesthesia wears off, and you may some minor discomfort for the next day or two. Your endodontist will most likely tell you to take ibuprofen during that time.


Endodontists use equipment that provides a better root canal experience. This includes:

  • Hand pieces: This equipment provides the accuracy that is needed to enter the root canals.
  • Files: These very small pieces will thoroughly clean the infection out of the root canal so that they can be filled with Gutta Percha.
  • Apex Locators: Roots are very small, so apex locators serve as a guide. This instrument tells the endodontist where the end of the root lies when it’s time to fill it.
  • Surgical Microscopes. The better your endodontist can see the root, the easier it is to tell if the entire infection has been cleaned out so that the roots can be filled.
  • Digital X-rays. These X-rays deliver less radiation and give an incredibly detailed picture of the tooth and root area.


The material that endodontists use to fill and seal the canals after they have been cleaned out is called Gutta Percha. It’s a non-allergenic and antibacterial material and has revolutionized the root canal procedure.

If your general dentist has told you that you need to get a root canal, or if you are feeling pain when eating or drinking something that is hot or cold, it’s time to call Cranberry endodontist Dr. Semashko. His office can answer your questions and schedule an appointment for a consultation.