Sharp Pain in Your Tooth? Get it Checked Quick Posted on April 25, 2017

Tooth pain is one of those things that absolutely no one looks forward to, but that everyone should have checked out as quickly as possible. Pain can point to a number of issues, and you’ll need to see a general dentist or an endodontist in Pittsburgh to find out how it can be resolved.
What Does Your Pain Feel Like?tooth pain

  • Sensitivity following a dental appointment. If you’ve just been to an appointment where you’ve had a filling, your tooth’s pulp may be irritated. Usually, your dentist will tell you to wait a few weeks and if the pain is still there, to see him or her.
  • Quick pain or sensitivity. If you are eating or drinking hot or cold foods, this pain may just be caused by a loose filling. You may also be feeling sensitivity from gum recession. You should see your general dentist, since a new filling may be needed, or so your gum recession can be evaluated.


  • Pain that lasts after eating or drinking cold or hot foods. A lingering pain usually means that your tooth’s pulp, or the soft tissue and nerves that are inside a tooth’s root canal, has become damaged beyond the point of return. Your general dentist will likely refer you to an endodontist, who is a specialist of the nerves and pulp of the teeth.
  • Pain when biting on food. You may have a loose filling, a cracked tooth, or decay that has inflamed the tooth’s pulp. You should visit your general dentist, who may then ask you to visit an endodontist.


  • Pain and gum swelling. Periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease, is caused by bacteria that enters gaps or pockets in the gums. It can lead to an abscess, or an infection at the root of the tooth, that must be treated by an endodontist.


There are many reasons why you may be feeling pain in your mouth, your gums, and your teeth. It’s best to visit your dentist or endodontist in Pittsburgh to find out what is causing the pain and to determine what the treatment should be. Dr. Semashko at Endodontics in Cranberry has decades of experience treating people and saving their teeth while providing personalized treatment. Call today to learn more.