The Pros and Cons of Manual, Electric, and Sonic Toothbrushes Posted on March 25, 2020

Brushing your teeth is something you do every day to help maintain your oral health. Some people use manual toothbrushes, while others use electric toothbrushes, but which is best? In most cases, choosing between a manual or an electric toothbrush is a matter of personal preference.

Research completed by the American Dental Association has found that manual and electric toothbrushes are both great at removing oral plaque, preventing decay and disease. At Endodontics in Cranberry, we’ve put together the pros and cons of each type of toothbrush to help you make an informed decision next time you are searching for a new toothbrush.

Pros and Cons of a Manual Toothbrush

The pros of using a manual toothbrush:

Electric and manual toothbrushes

  • Available in almost all stores
  • Effective at plaque removal
  • Affordable pricing
Cons of using a manual toothbrush include:
  • Using a manual toothbrush can lead to some people brushing too hard, which can damage gums and teeth.
  • There is no built-in timer.
  • May remove less plaque than electric toothbrushes.
  • It can be challenging to use for people who have limited mobility.

Pros and Cons of Using an Electric Toothbrush

The pros of using an electric toothbrush include:
  • Built-in timer to help time your brushing.
  • Remove plaque more effectively than manual brushes.
  • It possibly produces less waste.
  • Easier for those with limited mobility to use.
The cons of using an electric toothbrush include:
  • Higher price tag compared to manual toothbrushes.
  • Additional waste and cost can be created with battery-powered electric toothbrushes.
  • The feeling it generates is not for everyone.
  • It can be challenging to find replacement heads.

How to Choose The Right Toothbrush for You

Some studies have shown that electric toothbrushes can be more effective at reducing dental plaque and gum inflammation caused by gingivitis than manual toothbrushes. Your personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the best toothbrush. While an electric toothbrush may sound like the best option, it is not recommended that you trade in your manual toothbrush for an electric toothbrush unless:
  • You have issues with dexterity.
  • You have arthritis.
  • If you need help to improve your brushing technique after you’ve tried to improve it before.
When it comes down to it, choosing between a manual or an electric toothbrush is simply a matter of what you prefer to use. The best toothbrush you can use is the one that you enjoy using and can use with a proper brushing technique.
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