Tips for Halloween Dental Health Posted on October 4, 2019

Halloween is an exciting time of year, with beautiful fall colors, spooky activities, and costume parties. One of the biggest things many people look forward to during Halloween is all the sweet treats and candies, but sugar’s effects on your teeth can be frightening.

Dental Health Pittsburgh Sugar feeds the oral bacteria that excrete a harmful acid that can cause damage to your enamel which can ultimately lead to tooth decay. Your trusted endodontist in Cranberry has put together some tips on how you can enjoy the sugary Halloween treats while still taking care of your teeth.

Different Types of Candy and the Dental Issues They Cause

It is not common for people to pass out healthy, sugar-free options to trick or treaters, so many times you can expect regular sugary candy to be in your child’s treat bag. It’s essential to keep in mind that some sweet treats are more harmful to your teeth than others. Treats to watch out for include:

  • Sour Candy- This type of candy is full of sugar that can feed oral bacteria, but it also is highly acidic, which can damage your enamel.
  • Gummy/Sticky Candy- Anyone who has eaten a gummy worm or other types of gummy candy knows that it can get stuck in your teeth. If this candy remains stuck in your teeth after eating it, it feeds the bacteria longer, providing the bacteria with more time to damage teeth.
  • Hard Candy- With this type of candy, you are at risk of breaking a tooth if you chew it. Many may think that sucking on hard candy is the safe way to eat it, but unfortunately, this holds the sugar source in the mouth longer, feeding harmful bacteria.

How to Keep Your Teeth Safe This Halloween

There are a variety of ways you can reduce your risk of tooth decay during the Halloween season. You can follow our guidelines about which candies to avoid, and you can also reduce the amount of candy you consume.

Parents may consider planning for trick-or-treating to help keep their child’s candy consumption down. You may consider limiting the houses they visit during trick-or-treating, or you may consider letting them trade candy for a non-candy prize. Other ways to reduce your risk of tooth decay include:

  • Drink more water to rinse away the sugar.
  • Wait at least thirty minutes to brush your teeth after eating candy.
  • Limit how often you eat candy.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene Habits All Year Round

Be sure to brush and floss your teeth twice a day, keep your candy consumption low, and schedule regular visits for endodontic care in Cranberry with Dr. Semashko to keep your teeth healthy all year round! Contact Endodontics in Cranberry to schedule your appointment today!