Treating a Dental Injury Posted on August 28, 2017

Treating a Dental Injury
Injuries to teeth are quite common. They can happen when you play sports without a mouthguard or face mask, or because of an accident. Most injuries just cause minor damage, like a chipped tooth.

However, there are other injuries that are more serious. Any time you have sustained injury to your teeth, you should immediately see your general dentist or an endodontist.


Types of Tooth Trauma

Endodontists treat:

  • Dislodged Teeth. Some injuries cause teeth to be displaced, either up into the gum or to the side. Dental injury treatment from an endodontist will help. A root canal can be performed, and a crown put on your tooth.
  • Knocked Out Teeth. An injury that knocks out your tooth is serious. When treating dental injuries, time is very important. You may only have about a half hour to save your tooth. If you tooth is knocked out, handle it by the crown, NOT the root. Rinse it with only water. Then, try to gently place it back into the socket until you see the endodontist. Once it’s been stabilized, after a few weeks, your endodontist can begin the process of giving you a root canal.
  • Root Fractures. This is an injury that causes your root to fracture horizontally. In some cases, especially when the fracture is close to the tip of the root, your tooth may be saved after treatment is performed.

Why Should an Endodontist Treat an Injured Tooth?
An endodontist like Dr. Semashko saves teeth. He has completed several years of extra dental training, and is an expert in root canal treatment. He has decades of experience in treating dental injuries, and he follows all dental trauma cases for three to five years at no additional cost.

If you experience a tooth trauma, call Endodontics in Cranberry. Our endodontist, Dr. Semashko, can help you save your teeth after an accident or injury. Our friendly staff will ensure you’re comfortable and at ease, so call or contact us today.