What Are Common Endodontic Treatments?  Posted on February 6, 2018

Endodontists are known for performing root canal therapy, commonly called a “root canal.” However, these dental specialists do much more than just that. They work to save your teeth through treatments that include re-treatment and surgery. Endodontists can give you relief from the tooth pain that so many of us experience, especially as we grow older.

Endodontic Treatments in Cranberry, PA


  • Root Canal: This is the procedure that endodontists are usually known for. Root Canal PittsburghA root canal is a procedure that treats the nerves and pulp inside the tooth. You may feel pain when biting down on a tooth or when you drink something hot or cold. This is often a sign that your tooth is damaged, even if it looks normal. The problem may be in the nerves of the tooth. If your endodontist tests your tooth and determines that you need a root canal, you’ll receive local anesthesia that will completely numb your tooth. Then, the endodontist will access your tooth, remove the pulp, and shape the root canals. Each canal will be filled with a material that keeps the canals clean and free of infection. A temporary crown will be placed, then you’ll return to your dentist for a permanent crown. A root canal will save your tooth, and after the permanent crown is placed, you can bite and chew just as you normally would.


  • Endodontic Surgery. This kind of surgery is called an apicoectomy. Sometimes, the end of a tooth’s root is so inflamed that it can’t heal properly. Your endodontist will carefully make an incision into the gum tissue and examine the bone. The infected tissue will be removed and a filling will be placed where the root canal is located. Then you’ll receive sutures to close the area and to boost healing. Once the sutures are removed, you’ll find that the bone will regrow.


  • Endodontic Retreatment. Retreatment is when you’ve already had a root canal that has not healed properly or is still causing pain. (This is not the case for most root canals—they’ll last decades with no problems.) A retreatment procedure will clean out the filling material that was first placed in the root during the root canal, and will be filled again with new material.


  • Traumatic Dental Injuries. Sometimes, you’ll find that your teeth were damaged when you’ve suffered a car accident, have fallen, or you were hit when playing sports. Although you may only need a filling, sometimes your injury is more serious and will require a crown or root canal.


If your general dentist tells you that you have a problem that requires an endodontist in Cranberry or Pittsburgh, contact Dr. Semashko at Endodontics in Cranberry. He treats patients from all over southwestern PA. Your pain-free root canal is just a call away.