Why Is It So Important to Save Your Teeth Using Endodontic Treatment? Posted on February 9, 2015

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You just got the news: you’re going to need a root canal. Quite frankly, you’re not very happy, because you know this means a visit to the endodontist who will perform the root canal, and several visits to your dentist to get the tooth prepped and measured for a crown. You’re wondering: isn’t it better to just get the tooth pulled, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again?

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In a word: no. It’s nearly always preferable to get a root canal and crown instead of getting a tooth pulled. Even just taking one tooth out can cause cascading problems for both your oral and overall health.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Tooth Pulled Instead of Getting a Root Canal

Saving your teeth throughout your lifetime is very important. Pulling a tooth makes:

  • Your Teeth Shift. When you lose a tooth, the teeth on either side will start drifting over to fill that space. (Remember, a pulled tooth means that the root—which sits up inside your gum—is also pulled.) The teeth that surround those teeth will also start to drift.
  • Your Bite Change. Once your teeth start to move, it will cause the bite in either the upper or lower jaw to change. This means that you may have trouble properly chewing and digesting your food. You may have to change your eating habits, possibly eliminate certain kinds of foods, or have to drink more liquids to get adequate nutrition. An improper bite could also affect your speech, the shape of your face, and may cause headaches if not fixed.
  • You Will Need a Partial Denture. If a tooth is pulled instead of capped, you will need an appliance called a bridge (it will bridge the gap) that looks like a tooth and is either affixed to your surrounding teeth using a ceramic or metal framework or by creating crowns for the two teeth that surrounding the missing tooth, with a ceramic tooth that will fill the gap. While these bridges work well, they must be replaced every so many years, and they can be hard to brush and floss to prevent cavities, plaque, and tartar.

In contrast, a root canal preserves part of your tooth, maintains the structure by using a special filling material, and saves the root system so no gap in your mouth is created. Only a crown is needed, instead of a bridge, and it will likely last several decades.

If your dentist believes that you need root canal therapy, give Endodontics in Cranberry a call. Dr. Semashko and his staff make root canal treatment a comfortable experience, and use high-tech materials and techniques during each procedure to provide you with effective, fast care.