The Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth Posted on February 4, 2019

Tips from your friends at Endodontics in Cranberry While your dentist looks forward to catching up with you during your annual exam, they truly hope you’re taking all the steps at home to take care of that beautiful smile. And the truth is, there really isn’t much to taking care of your teeth. With just … Continue reading “The Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth”

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A Guide to Good Oral Hygiene Posted on January 16, 2019

Tips on keeping a healthy smile. Good oral hygiene is more than just keeping your teeth white. Maintaining good oral health combats gum disease prevents receding gum lines and helps your tooth enamel stay strong. Gum tissue and tooth enamel, while different, are the same one major way – neither can grow back. Unlike your … Continue reading “A Guide to Good Oral Hygiene”

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Why See an Endodontist? Posted on September 24, 2018

Saving your teeth, one root at a time. Many of us are familiar with the dentist. A dentist is doctor of oral health ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy, while helping you keep those pearly whites, white! However, if you are experiencing issues with serious tooth pain, hot and cold sensitivity or if you’ve … Continue reading “Why See an Endodontist?”

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