Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic Retreatment Cranberry

So, you have had a root canal completed in the past and it is now giving you a problem. The majority of teeth with root canal treatments can last a lifetime. There are some teeth that continue to have pain or fail to heal properly. This may occur shortly after treatment or even years later.

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What options are now available to you for handling this problem? One option would be to retreat the old root canal. But you may ask, “Why would a root canal fail in the first place?” Here are several reasons why this might occur:

Once you and Dr. Semashko have discussed the treatment options and decided to retreat your problem tooth you may ask, “What is involved now?”

As with a first time root canal Dr. Semashko will give you a local anesthetic and isolate the tooth with a rubber dam. After the tooth is accessed any post and build-up will be removed. This gives access into the canal system. The filling material will then be removed. After the retreatment is completed you will need to return to your restorative dentist to properly restore the tooth. Our office will call 24 hours after treatment to make sure you are not experiencing anything unusual.

As with any dental procedure there is no guarantee it will be successful. Dr. Semashko will be more than happy to discuss your chances of success or failure with you. Our office will follow-up treatment in one year at no charge to evaluate the healing.

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You should realize that a retreatment cost more than first time root canals. They are more difficult and complicated to treat. Dr. Semashko may also have to get past blockages in the canals, calcification and even ledges in canals. They may also spend considerable time searching for missed or untreated canals. Dr. Semashko may even have to attempt to remove separated instruments from the original root canal treatment.

You may ask, “If I decide not to do the retreatment what other options are there?” In some cases endodontic surgery can be done. Another option is extraction of the tooth. If you choose to extract the tooth the area can typically be restored with a bridge, implant or removable partial denture.

When scheduling an appointment at Endodontics in Cranberry, we make sure to go over all options to make sure endodontic retreatment is right for you. You can also contact Dr. Semashko of Endodontics in Cranberry to learn more about Endodontic Retreatment Cranberry.