Your First Visit

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If you’re coming to Dr. Semashko’s endodontic office for the first time, you may be wondering what happens during your visit. We’d like to tell you so you know what to expect.

We get two kinds of patients. Both are very welcome in our office!

First, we get patients who come in for a consult only. They will fill out some information so that we can learn more about them, and so we can learn why they are visiting the office. We will take x-rays and Dr. Semashko will perform an oral exam and look around the tooth that is causing problems. He’ll examine the tooth using a hot and cold pulp test, and then tap on the tooth, as well as the surrounding teeth, to see if there is pain. Using the x-ray and test, he’ll be able to diagnose the problem, determine a solution, and talk to you about the course of action he’d like to recommend. He may recommend a root canal, endodontic surgery, or root canal re-treatment. The patient may decide to receive treatment that day, or on a different day.

The second kind of patient that we most often see is one who receives a consultation and an exam, as we’ve explained above, and then immediately receives endodontic treatment (such as a root canal, re-treatment, or apicoectomy) from Dr. Semashko. These treatments are performed using the latest equipment to make your visit fast and comfortable.

What to Bring to Your First Visit

When you arrive for your first visit, we ask you to bring:

Keep in mind that you don’t need a referral slip from a dentist to visit Dr. Semashko, although most of our patients are referred to us by their general dentist.

After your procedure is finished, Dr. Semashko will recommend a local dentist (if you don’t have one) or will ask you to return to your general dentist to have the treated tooth prepared for a crown.

Dr. Semashko and his office staff want to make sure that your office visits are pleasant. We know that endodontic retreatment, such as root canals, may cause patients some anxiety, and we understand that. We work to ensure that you are comfortable during both the diagnosis and procedure.

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